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March 2, 2019 by Balakrishna

A BAQ (Business Activity Query) zone is an embedded query you can link to a specific field on a program interface. When you activate a BAQ zone, it displays as a linked tool tip window. The data that populates this window depends on both the business activity query and current value, if any, within the linked field. You create and modify business activity queries within the Business Activity Query Designer. Use this custom query tool to select and join tables. You then define what columns from the selected tables display in the results. Through this functionality, you can also create calculated fields that run an expression against the query results to return unique values. These custom queries display the data you want; you can then link these queries as BAQ zones. After you create or modify the BAQ you will use for the BAQ zone, you then link the BAQ to a specific field by either using Extended Property Maintenance, Context Menu Maintenance or embedding the BAQ zone in a customization. When a BAQ zone is linked to a field, a zone indicator displays on a program interface during Rune Mode. These zone indicators display as arrow buttons next to the field.